As part of the creation/acquisition of an entity, you want to know all the possibilities available to you and be advised on the options with regard to your legal, social and tax situation.

You wish to delegate your legal secretarial tasks and the drafting of all or some of the legal documents to be produced during the life of your entity, as well as the completion of formalities with the courts of commerce registries, and the social and tax bodies.

As part of the transmission or restructuringof your entity, you are looking for personalised support with tax and legal matters.

Whether you are dealing with a merger, split-up or partial asset transfer, you want to be supported during this important period and delegate the drafting of all the legal documents relating to these operations.

Faced with complex legal documents, you are looking for analysis or drafting of your commercial leases.

We can provide you with a team of corporate law and tax experts, trained in the specific requirements of your business sector.
Our legal department consists of specialists and a lawyer, your dedicated advisor who will be happy to answer all your questions.






You plan to embark on the great adventure of starting your own business, and are looking for a partner who will be by your side to support you at every stage of your project.

AXCIO guarantees you an accessible service and fast response times in order to secure and concretise your entrepreneurial project.

Whatever your business sector, we have the skills to assist you in creating your entity. We will also be by your side to help with the day-to-day running and management of your company, so you can devote yourself entirely to your core business.


Your concerns

You are considering starting your own business and are wondering about what your status will be.

You have questions about the viability of your project and are hesitating to take the plunge: you want to meet a professional and talk about your competitive advantages.

You want assistance with designing your funding file.

Faced with complex accounting, legal or tax questions, you want a solid partner to rely on, one with a thorough knowledge of your business sector’s specific requirements.

We can provide you with a specialist team whose experience will reassure you that the solutions being implemented are realistic and appropriate.


Faced with an evolving and complex regulatory environment, you want to be supported by trusted partners. For the purpose of…




Your business is changing and so are its needs, so you are seeking assistance with all of your entity’s administrative and…




Taxation is constantly changing and you want to make your life easier, while being sure to comply with the law…




As part of the creation/acquisition of an entity, you want to know all the possibilities available to you and be advised on…




Takeover of an entity, fundraising, sale, transfer… Depending on your development strategy, we can assist you in …




You want to make sure you fulfil your obligations and have a reliable payroll organisation. You plan to partially or totally outsource the payroll and human…