Our ambition: to develop a close working relationship with you and support you through every stage of your development, bringing added value, expertise, and responsiveness. Specialist teams with in-depth knowledge of their sectors will satisfy your expectations and anticipate your needs.

Our primary concern is to give every client a tailor-made service.

  • Setting up an administrative and accounting structure to suit your company
  • Complete bookkeeping service
  • Shared bookkeeping service
  • Setting up and tracking your cost accounting
  • Drawing up your periodic financial reports
  • Drawing up your annual accounts
  • Checking and amending your bookkeeping
  • Completing all your usual professional tax returns
  • Completing your personal tax returns (income tax and solidarity tax on wealth)
  • Fiscal optimisation
  • Assistance in the event of an audit
  • Formalities involved in hiring and employee departures
  • Drawing up your employment contracts
  • Drawing up your employee pay slips
  • Drawing up your employee contribution statements
  • Assistance with the management of social obligations
  • Assistance in case of corporate audits, URSSAF (social security contribution collection agency) and other administrative bodies
  • Setting up and renewing personnel representative bodies
  • Writing your company rules & regulations
  • Incentive and profit-sharing agreements
  • Drawing up interim financial reports
  • Drawing up business forecasts
  • Setting up and tracking dashboards and budgets
  • Drawing up financing and cash flow plans
  • Statutory auditing
  • Contribution and merger auditing
  • Evaluation and acquisition auditing
  • Evaluation and acquisition auditing
  • Helping you set up your business
  • Assistance in choosing your company structure
  • Assistance with a takeover
  • Transfer and disposal of your company
  • Assistance with third parties: banks, notaries, solicitors, etc.
  • Consolidation and joint arrangements
  • Setting up your company
  • Legal secretarial work
  • Restructuring, mergers, splits, transformation
  • Contracts and leases
  • Extraordinary decisions & agreements
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