On-line accounting solution
to suit your needs

Handle the day-to-day running of your company with our scalable dashboard (monitor profits, sales, cash flow, etc.) and automatic updates.

Save precious time: all the data you enter is taken into account in real time and accessible 24/7.

Issue reminders to your customers, with no need to wait for your bank statement.

Reap the benefits


Advantages of our accounting software

Store all your accounting documents : look up your account data at any time via the Internet

Confidentiality: our accounting software offers you the best possible safeguards in terms of confidentiality and data integrity.

User-friendly: simply enter all the data concerning your organisation (invoices, purchases, etc.)

Security: all the information entered is saved.

Stay in constant touch with your accountant thanks to the Internet.

Reasonable cost: apart from the monthly subscription, your only investment is a PC connected to the Internet!